Local tech entrepreneur buys Cluny Hill property for record $4,291 psf - Midwood™ Condo @ Hillview Rise (Updated - 2022)

Local tech entrepreneur buys Cluny Hill property for record $4,291 psf

A regional technology businessman in his 30s has recently been provided the OTP for a freehold house on Cluny Hill, in which a bungalow is getting constructed, for $63.7 million, presented The Business Times.

Midwood condominium

The deal formulates to a document $Four thousand Two hundred Ninety One per square ft accorded to the site’s 14thousand 8hundred 43 square ft acreage– breaking off the prior high established by a Nassim Rd house, that was cost $4.005K per square ft early 2K21.

To present two levels along with a loft including an underground, the Cluny Hill home is being created by the Soh household, that has development company Mier Homes. The Business Times indicated that the home, situated near the SGP Botanical Gardens, will provide a totality of 6 bed rooms and also a swimming pool.

Basing on to market watchers, the archive per sq foot cost attained for the Cluny Hill house resulted from the insufficiency of new bungalows obtainable in close proximity the Botanical Gdn.

The Nassim Road home was bought by Jin Xiao Qun, the other half of Nanofilm Technologies Intl Founder and Executive Chairman Shi Xu, for $1hundred 28.8 million in 03/21. The husband and wife, both SGP residents, emerged as billionaires as soon as the efficient listing of Nanofilm Technologies Intl on SGX mainboard in Oct2K20.

“Preceding that transaction, the log price tag in terms of per square foot on land for a Good Class Bungalow purchase was $3,311 psf arised 2K19 for James Dyson’s $50 million investment of a brand-new house in Cluny Rd in close proximity to the S’pore Botanical Gdn,” pointed out The Business Times.

Regarded the absolute most reputable form of landed housing in the city-state, houses inside the Thirty Nine gazetted GCB Spots come with strict arrangement rules established by the URA to retain their exclusivity as well as low level character.

Even even though Singapore possesses zero restriction for attaining a non-landed private residence, an individual generally has to be a SGPrean person to become in a position to secure a landed residence within a GCB Spot.

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