Singapore is third most expensive flex office location globally - Midwood™ Condo @ Hillview Rise (Updated - 2022)

Singapore is third most expensive flex office location globally

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) – Businesses are also seeking areas near train stations to make it easier for their staff members and also to reduce commuting time, according to Foley.

At an average of US$ 834 ($1,135) per month, Singapore’s flexible workplace workdesk room is the third most expensive in the world.

The figures reflect that tenants are moving towards the very best adaptable rooms, claims Griffin Foley, northeast lead, Workthere Americas.

“We have seen a solid healing in ordinary rates the last couple of months as more people begin to go back to the office as well as because of Singapore’s boosting popularity amongst startups,” states Ashley Swan, executive director of business leasing at Savills Singapore.

Supply in Singapore remains fairly limited as uninhabited seats are being got promptly, notes Swan. “Delays in building and construction mean that this pattern is likely to proceed for the foreseeable future,” he adds.

This is the most costly after New York at US$ 961 ($1,308) and San Francisco at US$ 950 ($1,293), according to a ranking of monthly exclusive office desk price by Workthere, a flexible office brokerage service provider under Savills.

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Hong Kong, sometime the globe’s most expensive workplace market, dropped to seventh spot at US$ 793 ($1,079). According to Savills, in January, workplace supply in Hong Kong had outstripped need, causing a decrease in rental fees and a boost in giving ins to bring in lessees.

In 4th place is London with US$ 803 ($1,093) per workdesk monthly, followed closely by Berlin at US$ 800.

“The flexible market is now dominated by premium quality areas due to the fact that inhabitants are focused on cultivating an updated workplace method around an area workers wish to remain in, and in a setting that boosts their desired culture,” he adds.

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